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Lauren Sevian,
Baritone model 115B
photo by Sharon Bushman

Snake Davis
RPC tenor 115B


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All new "RPC Gold series" baffle models made from Natural Ultem 1000, and high quality hard rubber. 

Also available Traditional Rollover baffle models ...

Classic baffle, bullet chamber design: High and Medium baffle models available.

Why plastic ? yes it looks cool, compliments the look of aged lacquer
on a vintage horn, BUT the real reason is, over the last 5 years of developing
these models , my customers have said they love the sound and playability!

Machined and hand finished start to finish from natural ultem, and hard rubber round stock in my shop.

Original medium chamber, rollover baffle models are also still available.


Some recent emails ...

Hi, Ron, just a quick note to let you know how much I love this mpc. I just got it , well worth the wait!

Perfect balance of body and edge. Easily tamed, but screams when pushed.

Thanks for the great piece!
PS, looks great too!


I can't say enough how much I appreciate you making these mouthpieces for me. Best decision I've made in a long time.

Every mouthpiece you have made for me is outstanding. Your Attention to detail and skill are second to none. Can not wait to play them on the gig.

Hey Ron. Got the 110B and it rocks! What a dynamic range and I think it's got just the right amount of edge and body, fantastic tenor mouthpiece!

"it's so much fun to play this piece, and I have to say it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard come out of my horn in the 50 years I've owned it."

"I'm sure this is the best birthday gift that I could buy myself or get from someone else. Ever !"

"I thought of a thousand things to say about this piece of work but the words just can't say enough of how great it is."


Each mouthpiece is played and fine tuned by master mouthpiece maker Ron Coelho.
It does not leave my shop until I think it is perfect!

Sound is not the easiest thing to describe, my priorities for saxophone sound in order of importance are as follows:

  •  BEAUTIFUL :: The saxophone is one of the most beautiful instruments there is, the sound should be big and rich and beautiful.
  •  DYNAMIC RANGE :: It should be easy to play up and down the horn, soft to loud.
  •  EDGE :: Everyone has different tastes and perceptions, but some edge on top of the sound is desirable. Each mouthpiece is extensively play tested and the facing curve adjusted until it meets exacting musical standards!


Each mouthpiece must pass the following tests!
  •  The mouthpiece must respond with the slightest amount of air and support from the embouchure.
  •  It must play evenly from top to bottom, meaning, adjacent notes must center in the same way.
  •  At medium volumes it must have a round and pleasing sound.
  •  Most importantly for a Jazz mouthpiece, at more extreme volume levels the sound has to hold together and develop some real power!





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Call anytime 10AM to 7PM (west coast time) so I can better understand how to help you on your journey to a great sound!


Thanks to Steve Anchell for photo
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